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15 April 2018, Sunday

What is the Pauper Deck for You?

Introduction: Like much of the MTG community I have been swept up by the recent pauper craze mainly pushed by Tolarian Community College. Pauper is a genuinely fantastic format that is well balanced with all of the different types of decks being viable. However, getting into a new format can be extremely overwhelming and I …

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14 April 2018, Saturday

Dominaria Spoilers in Modern: Part One

Preview season has started for the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Dominaria. Today, I want to take some time to talk about what from them I believe will break into Modern. So far, the set looks sweet; it has one of the best removal spells we’ve seen in a while in Cast Down, and a …

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11 April 2018, Wednesday

Exploring the Frontier: Four-Color Marvelli

Hello! I am Aaron Torres, more commonly known around the online Frontier scene as Somnus21, and this is second installation of my column: Exploring the Frontier! These articles will be centered around my newest attempts at building an innovative spin-off of Frontier’s top decks. With so many unexplored interactions in this format, you can expect …

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