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23 March 2018, Friday

Upgrading Standard’s Challenger Decks for Frontier

Hi there, I’m Hidde, also known as Dragonfly, and in February Wizards spoiled the decklists for the challenger decks and oh boy was I excited. For just 30 dollars there is an amazing amount of value in these little boxes, and it will make buying into Standard easier than ever… And then I realized that …

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22 March 2018, Thursday

The Blood Moon Decks of Modern

Hello again everyone! A few months ago, I wrote a primer for RW Prison, or Sun and Moon. For those who might not know, this is a Modern prison deck that uses  and  to lock its opponent out of the game, and uses up to six boardwipes to clear their board once it has it’s …

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13 March 2018, Tuesday

Abzan Elves in Modern

Elves has been a powerful tribal deck since Urza’s Saga block, when the printing of created the first iteration of the archetype, Elfball. This deck looked to flood the board with Elves and then won with a Priest of TItania-fueled Fireball to kill the opponent. In the Modern era though, Elves has gotten several useful tools …

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