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06 June 2018, Wednesday

The Rise and Fall: An Overview on the Current Frontier Metagame, Part 1 – The Kings of the Hill

The King is dead, long live the King. Frontier is one of the most cyclical formats I have ever played thus far. The amount of viable tiered decks with polarized matchups means that a resurgence of a certain archetype will almost certainly be met by a future rise of a foil to said deck. With …

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23 May 2018, Wednesday

Through the Spyglass: Jeskai Ensoul

The first deck I ever played in Frontier was Blue-Red Ensoul. I fell in love with its explosive draws and potential for Turn 5 kills. After having played Bant in the previous Frontier League, it was time to return to my roots. The biggest problem with the old Blue-Red Ensoul list was that it was …

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21 May 2018, Monday

A Modern Deck for Every Player

By Sylvan Schrank With so many sets, cards, and strategies in the Modern format, it can be daunting for new players to get into – to say the least. I remember how long it took me to select my first Modern deck, and I’m sure many others remember that process as well. Thankfully, new players …

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